spannkosmo-orchestra side-a: WE SINGspannkosmo-orchestra side-a: WE SING

side-a WE SING

Side-a is the sun. We have been singing songs of joy, sadness, and prayer since ancient times. Through singing, I think that we have been connected to something fundamental that lives in this universe. We can always find ourselves singing no matter what kind of situation. The world is always singing.

We are singing
We are right here!

The door of side-a opens with the voice of Kyoko Amara, the companion of the vocal unit that Spannko once formed. Next is Colloid from the Kansai women's group and joyful! from the Nagano chorus group. Hiroshi Obiki’s overtone singing follows last. Different voices from different places overlap and sing at the beginning of the album. That’s what’s meant by WE SING. On side-a Spannko’s voice grazes the sky while singing about down to earth songs. Images of soil, cloth, and life will come to mind while listening to the many colorful voices in these songs.

spannkosmo-orchestra side-b: infinite pianismspannkosmo-orchestra side-b: infinite pianism

side-b infinite pianism

Side-b is the moon. I feel it’s the center of my heart. It’s been six years since spannkosmo-piano was released. In this piano album Spannko plays the piano even more carefully and thoughtfully. Together with the members of the Spannkosmo band, we get a simple, rich, groovy sound. Several songs are the band versions of the 2nd album. A masterpiece titled "Goats, Stars and You" is truly overwhelming and includes singers who are all in some way related to the song.
This new album plants a new starting point in the career of Spannko, and its listeners get a taste of her continually expanding horizon.